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Product:SG(B)10 series non-encapsulated dry type transformer

Update time:2019/3/7 12:00:12

Product Details

The non-enveloped coil three-phase coherent power transformer, manufactured by NOMEX insulation system approved by UL, is safe, reliable, energy-saving, fireproof, explosion-proof and easy to maintain. Its advanced design, reasonable structure, beautiful shape, the main performance indicators are better than the national standard, such as partial discharge level, no-load loss and load loss, noise, and can adapt to apply high humidity environment, etc., can be installed near the lake, the sea, the river dirty wet environment and fire prevention requirement is high, the load of the larger area, suitable for high-rise buildings, airport, station, wharf, power plants, metallurgical industry, metro, hospital, shopping center, residents concentration areas and petroleum chemical industry, power plant, nuclear submarines and other places

Product features

1. The well-designed coil structure and vacuum impregnation treatment process enable SG(B) type 10 transformer to be free from partial discharge, and there is no cracking and no imagined drop in insulation level in the whole service life.

2. Continuous winding and low-voltage foil winding are adopted for high voltage, and the whole vacuum impregnation and curing process is supported by high-strength ceramics, which can withstand the sudden short-circuit current.

3, flame retardant, non-toxic, self-extinguishing, fire prevention.

4. SG(B)10 transformer has almost no smoke generation under high temperature open flame combustion.

5, transformer is class H insulation (180 ℃).

6. The insulation layer is extremely thin and even. Strong short-term overload capacity, no need of forced cooling, 120% long-term overload, 140% overload for 3 hours. Due to this kind of insulating material not ageing and elastic, so under the condition of + 50 ℃ can be immediately with full load.

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