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Product:SC(B)H15 amorphous alloy dry type transformer

Update time:2019/3/7 12:01:19

Product Details

Structural modeling: our company produces three-phase and three-column dry type amorphous alloy transformer, inheriting the advantages of pouring dry type transformer, with more reasonable structure and more reliable performance.

Low loss: the no-load loss of the product is equivalent to 40% of the SCB10 product, with excellent energy saving effect, economic operation and maintenance-free.

Low noise: the noise level of the product is 10-15 db lower than the current professional standard JB/ t10088-2016 "6-220kv class transformer sound level".

Low local discharge: the resin mixture adopts foreign advanced mixing method and vacuum film degassing technology to make the mixture mix evenly and completely eliminate the bubbles in the mixture. The product has a very low local discharge, which can be controlled below 5PC. Both high and low pressure coils are poured under vacuum and pressure, making the resin insulation both fully encapsulated and inter-turn leaching. The casting body has dense solidified structure, flame retardant, explosion - proof and no pollution to environment.

The insulating materials such as glass fiber winding coil have self-extinguishing characteristics and will not generate arc due to short circuit. The resin will not produce toxic and harmful gas under high heat.

High mechanical strength: packing resin to make casting body expansion coefficient difference is small, small curing shrinkage rate, small internal stress, curing of high hardness, the internal and external surfaces of the high and low voltage coil epoxy resin coating layer, placed with the strengthening of prefabricated molding material, especially as dense as the reinforced concrete structure, and mechanical strength is greater than the pure epoxy resin, can withstand the sudden and short-circuit force without damage.

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