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Analysis on the current situation and development prospect of China's dry type transformer industry in 2018
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In the proportion of the transformer significantly increased, the output continued to increase

The upstream of dry type transformer industry mainly includes common steel, silicon steel sheet, non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, etc., and also includes epoxy resin as the sealing material of dry type transformer, etc. The downstream industry mainly includes petroleum and petrochemical industry, power grid construction, urban rail transit and other industries, which is an important product classification of transformer.

In recent years, with the development of electric power business and the reform and construction of power transmission and distribution business, the demand for transformers is large. From 2009 to 2014, China's transformer output kept increasing, and after 2015, with the relative saturation and transformation of market demand, its output decreased slightly. In 2014, the transformer output reached the highest value in recent years, which was 1.701 billion kva, an increase of 11.69% compared with the previous year. Affected by the decline of transmission and distribution price and serious waste of products, the output of the industry has been reduced in recent years. By 2017, the domestic transformer output was only 159,000 kva, with a significantly reduced growth rate. But the market is still mainly in jiangsu, shandong and hebei provinces output value in the forefront.

From the output point of view, China's dry type transformer output with the expansion of China's transformer industry capacity expansion. According to the statistics of China machinery industry federation, China's transformer output in 2014 was 233 million kva. Under the influence of the market demand preference of dry type transformer, the output of China's dry type transformer was still increasing after 2014. According to statistics, it reached 235.94 million kva in 2016.

Overall analysis shows that dry type transformers account for about 10% of total transformer production in China. With the increasing development and construction demands of urban rail transit projects, the proportion of dry type transformers has been increasing in recent years.

The scale of the industry is relatively stable and profits are rising

Data from the "2018-2023 market demand forecast and investment strategic planning analysis report of China's dry type transformer industry" released by zhanzhan industry research institute shows that the overall market size of China's dry type transformer has been relatively small in recent years. After 2013, the overall market size has maintained above 45 billion yuan. Affected by the overall fluctuation of the industry and the decline in output in 2015, the sales revenue of dry type transformer decreased to 49.377 billion yuan, down 2.13% year-on-year. Subsequently, the scale of the industry has been improved. In 2017, the sales revenue of the domestic dry type transformer industry reached 57.747 billion yuan.

According to the analysis of the overall profit of the industry, the profit of dry type transformer in China rose the most significantly in 2017, reaching 3.27 billion yuan, 28.52% more than that of the previous year.

With the advance of the intelligent power grid project in China, the construction of intelligent power grid in urban and rural areas has begun. Therefore, there is a broad space for the development of intelligent power distribution, control and other equipment, especially the manufacturing of transformers. The demand for intelligent transformers will continue to increase, and the development of dry transformers in the future should focus on the improvement of product skills and efficiency to meet the current updated technical requirements.

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