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How is the temperature of the transformer regulated
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The transformer is widely used, but it will produce different temperature when it works. Don't look down upon the temperature; it is exquisite in its height. And with the transformer daily work, if the temperature is too high, it will be adverse to the transformer core, to a certain extent, it will affect the transformer core burn down, but if it is too low, the transformer output will also show a low voltage. So you have to control the temperature. How is the temperature of the transformer regulated? See below small make up of the introduction!

First, how does the temperature of the transformer control system change

1. The whole system is controlled by a controller and its PWM signal. All three-phase transformers are connected to a common dc link voltage. For each independent basic unit driver, a parallel driver board is used to realize parallel connection. A small change in the operating time of the actuator (less than 100ns) is compensated by a small ac output choke (inductance <5 H).

2. All three-phase transformers operate simultaneously with a small time delay, which can be compensated by additional ac chokes. Symmetrical layouts and positive temperature coefficients of IGBT saturation voltage drop are used to ensure appropriate load current balancing. Each basic unit of the system is accompanied by additional correction of PWM signals.

Second, how is the current of the transformer loaded?

1. Accurate load current balancing of parallel base units is controlled by additional PWM correction. Several units with synchronous PWM are run in parallel and the circulating current is eliminated with additional PWM control. Each basic unit USES electrical load isolation. Each basic unit has its own controller, which provides power to the load through an insulating winding.

2.PWM is an independent, asynchronous and free running signal, and each basic unit has its own independent dc link. On the grid side, each basic unit has its own sinusoidal LC filter. If the output is also electrically isolated, there is no circulating current between the different dc links.

This is the simplest way to parallel standard independent basic units with standard independent controllers. A simple design based on generator side electrical isolation is shown. Three parallel independent 4 quadrant drivers with separate motor windings. This drive can be run in parallel with one or both drives.

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