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Detailed explanation of key technologies and analysis of measures for energy saving and consumption reduction of transformers
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Because of distribution transformer and power supply and distribution system, the proportion of single-phase power load is heavier, and with a variety of energy-saving electrical equipment widely used, energy-saving lamps and lanterns, distribution transformer, especially public distribution transformer for larger three phase unbalanced load, corresponding to cause the loss is bigger, which means three-phase unbalanced load caused by the loss is very big, is a key point in the research of energy saving and economic operation of transformer. The unbalanced degree of the three-phase load is reduced through the reasonable optimization and adjustment of the three-phase load, so that the three-phase load of the distribution transformer is almost close to the balanced relation, so that a better phase balance relation can be obtained, the active power loss and reactive power consumption in the operation of the distribution transformer can be reduced, and the conversion efficiency of the electric energy distribution and dispatching can be improved.

It can be seen from the operation conditions of distribution transformer and the load curve between it and the load that the reactive load of distribution transformer is mainly concentrated in light load or no-load operation conditions, at which time excitation reactive power will be generated, and the consumption of reactive power capacity is about 10% ~ 15% of the rated capacity of distribution transformer. May take centralized reactive compensation measures, therefore, by reasonable selection SVC, SVG, TSC reactive compensation devices, such as reactive compensation capacitor is mortgaged through received distribution transformer load switch busbar side, when system is running in the light load or no-load condition, reasonable cutting reactive compensation capacitor in real time, improve the power factor of 10 kv power distribution system, effectively reduce the operation of distribution transformer losses, at the same time to improve the end of low pressure energy saving economic effect to improve the voltage quality.

To sum up, in the distribution network, energy saving measures such as optimizing the operation of energy-saving distribution transformers, multi-transformer joint economic dispatch operation, optimizing and adjusting three-phase load, and making appropriate reactive power compensation can reduce the operation loss of distribution transformers and achieve the purpose of energy-saving and cost-reducing economic regulation and operation.

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