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Dry type transformer noise solution
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The noise of transformer belongs to low frequency noise and is one of the noise sources in common residential areas and public buildings. For the noise of dry type transformer, vibration reduction and sound insulation measures are usually adopted for treatment, which can achieve better noise reduction effect. The following is a look at the noise control scheme of dry type transformer.

Noise control of transformer

Transformer vibration treatment

The vibration attenuation platform is used for the transformer to conduct low-frequency vibration isolation treatment, which can control the transmission of vibration below 0.2%, so as to reduce the structural noise transmitted by the transformer vibration.

Second, the bus bus vibration reduction treatment

Soft connection processing of bus bus. Electromagnetic noise vibration may spread to the building structure through the copper row of the line groove frame discharged from the hard-mounted low-voltage bus, and it needs to be changed into flexible line connection in the middle of noise reduction treatment.

Third, the grounding plate damping treatment

If the fixed hard connection between the grounding iron sheet and the transformer is changed, the original vibration of the transformer will be conducted by the iron sheet to the steel reinforcement in the cement and generate low frequency noise. Therefore, it is necessary to transform the transformer into a soft connection.

Vibration reduction treatment of bridge frame

The hard connection between busbar bridge and transformer is changed and the vibration reduction is done at the bridge.

Five, the machine room sound insulation treatment

The acoustic insulation treatment of transformer room is mainly carried out from the three aspects of doors and Windows, ventilation and ventilation outlets, and the ground. The acoustic insulation products such as doors and Windows, muffler barrel, and floating floor anti-vibration pad are used to achieve the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction.

Decided in a case of structure vibration and airborne noise control, main measures on the basis of Hanks transformer vibration platform installation, bus replacement for weaving soft and sound insulation door installation, governance effect is as follows: transformer room adjacent room internal 47 db before modification, and modification after 28 decibels, and the background noise level, almost couldn't feel the low-frequency hum noise. 57 decibels at the gate of transformer room phase before transformation, 40 decibels after transformation, level with background noise, almost no low-frequency hum noise.

Dry type transformer has a wide range of use, so it is often able to receive the project of noise reduction. For noise control of transformer, the noise reduction scheme should be determined according to the main noise type of transformer, and targeted treatment can achieve better results.

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