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What happens to the transformer that must be stopped
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Transformer working in the field and in general is also constantly to improve their work efficiency, for the work of the transformer is constantly new problems, while for the faults of the transformer to be handled in a timely manner, the transformer is when some problems has to be stopped, otherwise the transformer will be affected, is likely to happen malfunction harm people's health severely. For the following failures, the work must be stopped or it will be dangerous:

(1) the insulation resistance drops below 20 megohm.

(2) the voltage withstand level of insulation oil is reduced, for example, the voltage withstand level of insulation oil of 6-10 kv transformer is reduced to more than 20 kv, and the voltage withstand level of insulation oil of 35 kv transformer is reduced to less than 30 kv.

(3) serious oil leakage, no oil in the oil level gauge or oil level lower than the pressure regulating tap.

(4) the casing and other porcelain parts are broken, seriously dirty and dirty, or discharge occurs.

(5) sudden noise and abnormal sound during operation.

(6) if the temperature rises too high, if the load is 50%, the temperature rises to the rated value; When the load is above 85%, the temperature rise shall exceed 10% of the rated value.

(7) the transformer housing is ungrounded, and the three-phase four-wire transformer zero line is ungrounded.

(8) more than 30% of the heat pipe failure.

These are the problems occurred in the operation of the transformer, must be carried out, so that the transformer can link the pressure, to achieve the stability and safe operation of the transformer.

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