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Transformer economy moves expression in what respect
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Transformer is the core of power equipment, is the product of power development to a certain stage. The operation of the transformer should be carried out in a certain order and step. The operation of the transformer generally has its own characteristics and properties. The operation of the transformer is mainly to improve its efficiency and make a great contribution to economic development. This is the economic operation of the transformer. Since the economic operation of the transformer is related to many other factors, how does the economic operation of the transformer come into being? How to improve it?

The economic operation of transformer not only depends on the economic operation mode, but also on the manufacturing level of transformer. According to the transformer regular load can be roughly divided into four cases: one is often in full or close to full load of the transformer operation; The second is often in the majority of the operating transformer; Three is often in less than half - load operation of the transformer; Fourth, the transformer is often in light or no - load operation. The high voltage side voltage deviation of the transformer in operation shall not exceed 5% of the rated value, and the maximum unbalanced current of the low voltage shall not exceed 25% of the rated current. The upper oil temperature generally should not exceed 85 ℃; The cooling device should be kept normal. The color of moisture absorbent in the respirator should be light blue. Valves leading to gas relay and radiator should be opened, diaphragm of explosion-proof tube should be complete, doors and Windows, ventilation holes, blinds, protective nets and lamps of transformer room should be intact; The outdoor transformer foundation shall not sink, and the pole shall be firm and shall not tilt. The purpose of equipment renewal is not only to eliminate its visible wear, but also to eliminate its invisible wear. Only by constantly updating the way can we fundamentally reduce the loss of equipment, improve the efficiency and improve the technological backwardness.

Economic operation of transformer is an important index of transformer, and to the economic operation of transformer from the various indexes of transformer, and constantly explore the transformer operation normality mechanism, makes the transformer continuously to play and their own advantages, so the transformer can obtain better results!

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