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What knowledge of transformer need you to master?
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Transformer is a kind of important power equipment. Generally speaking, the performance and production of transformer measure the level of transformer and realize the efficiency of transformer. For the transformer, before the use to understand its application, the principle of production and other basic knowledge, is conducive to the use and performance of the transformer, but also conducive to better maintenance and maintenance. For transformers, generally speaking, the following transformer knowledge is required:

1. Manufacturing principle of transformer:

The daily work of a generator is that the coil moves through the magnetic field, and then the magnetic field moves through the fixed coil. In this way, electric potential is generated. The principle of electric potential is that the value of magnetic flux is constant, but the number of magnetic flux intersecting with the coil changes, which is the principle of mutual inductance. Similarly, transformers operate on this principle by converting voltage, current and impedance in this way.

2. In the circuit, the transformer symbol is:

3. Technical parameters:

There are corresponding technical requirements for different types of transformers, which can be expressed by corresponding technical parameters. As the main technical parameters of power transformer are: rated power, rated voltage ratio, rated frequency, operating temperature and voltage rating, temperature rise, voltage regulation, insulation performance and moisture-proof performance, the main technical parameters for general low frequency transformer is: transformer ratio, frequency response and nonlinear distortion, magnetic shielding and electrostatic shielding, efficiency, etc.

A. voltage ratio:

The winding Numbers of the two groups of transformer are N1 and N2 respectively. N1 is the primary and N2 is the secondary. An ac voltage applied to the primary coil produces an induced emf at both ends of the secondary coil. When N2>N1, its induced electromotive force is higher than the voltage added by the primary, this transformer is called step-up transformer: when N2, its induced electromotive force is lower than the primary voltage, this transformer is called drop transformer. The relationship between the primary and secondary voltages and the number of wire loops is as follows.

Transformer is made by using the principle of electromagnetic induction, has its own unique mode of operation, for the application of transformers these are great applications.

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