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The import and export analysis of the electrical appliance industry in 2017 and the outlook for 2018 -- the first article
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I. import and export situation and characteristics in 2017

According to customs statistics, electric 噐 industry import and export $2017 in 160.403 billion, more than 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the year-on-year growth of 6.69%). Of this total, imports reached us $52.911 billion, up 6.97 percent year-on-year. Exports totaled us $107.492 billion, up 6.56 percent year-on-year. The import and export surplus was us $54.581 billion.

1. Most products import growth, steam boiler, steam turbine and parts import growth

Of the 16 major products in the industry, 13 products saw year-on-year growth in imports and 3 products saw year-on-year decline.

The import of steam boilers increased by 28.62% to us $53,357,100. Imports of steam turbines and components totaled us $60.6833 million, up 126.63 percent. The import of gas turbine and parts reached 678 million us dollars, up 14.17%, of which 69 sets were imported over 5000kw and 597 million us dollars, up 25.88% year on year. Imports of high voltage switches totaled 583 million us dollars, up 4.79%. Transformer 噐 and transformer imported us $2.986 billion, an increase of 0.64%. Other growth: electric tools increased 23.41%, low voltage electrical appliances increased 9.34%, electric wires and cables increased 5.72%, differential motor increased 3.69%, small and medium motor increased 6.4%, battery increased 4.86%, low voltage switchboard cabinet increased 6.14%. In addition, the turbine parts imported only $3.1535 million.

Imports of the three products decreased: internal combustion generator imports decreased by 16.24%, power electronic components and static converter imports by 5.22%, generator imports by 3.53%.

2. The export of most products increased, and the export of power tools, high voltage switches and low voltage switchboards increased rapidly

Among the 16 major products in the industry, 10 products saw year-on-year growth in export, while 6 products saw year-on-year decline in export.

Exports of power tools reached us $7.427 billion, up 14.81 percent. Exports of high voltage switches reached 1.849 billion us dollars, up 11.76 percent. Exports of low-voltage switchboard cabinets reached us $6.419 billion, up 10.32%. Exports of transformers and mutual inductors totaled us $4.063 billion, up 5.06 percent. Growth of less than 10% : small and medium-sized motor, differential motor, low voltage electrical appliances, wire and cable, battery, internal combustion generator set.

The six products whose exports declined were: steam boilers, gas turbines and components, steam turbines and components, water turbines and components, generators, power electronic components and static converters.

In general, there are three characteristics of import and export in 2017:

First, since the beginning of this year, the import and export of the whole industry has shown a trend of continuous growth, a change from the previous two years of continuous decline in import and export situation, the main reason is that the global economy has slightly improved and last year's electrical industry import and export base is low.

Second, China's domestic market import demand began to grow, especially over 5000kw steam turbine and parts, steam boiler and steam turbine and parts and other domestic demand growth is fast. Domestic relevant enterprises should attach great importance to, strengthen research and development, to meet the needs of domestic users.

Third, the export situation improved, most products export growth, including power tools, high pressure switch, low pressure switch board cabinet growth is fast. But exports of steam boilers, steam turbines, parts and generators have dropped sharply; it is urgent to improve the product mix, expand market sales channels and improve service.

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