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Product:Xgn15-12 ac metal-enclosed ring network switching equipment

Update time:2019/3/7 11:45:35

Product Details

XGN15-12 unit, modular sulfur hexafluoride ac metal-enclosed switchgear ring network, is a generation of sulfur hexafluoride switch as the main switch and the whole ark adopts air insulated, suitable for distribution automatic, both compacted and extensible metal-enclosed switchgear equipment, has a simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlocking, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, to use a variety of different occasions, different requirements can provide users with technical solutions.

The use of sensing technology and protective relays, coupled with advanced technical performance and lightweight and flexible assembly solutions, can be completed to meet the changing needs of the market.

Xgn15-12 unit sulfur hexafluoride ring grid cabinet is suitable for 50Hz, 12kv ac power system, widely used in industrial and civil cable ring network and power supply terminal project. It is especially suitable for the following places: special places that need double power supply, power distribution for urban residents, small secondary substations, open and close stations, industrial and mining enterprises, shopping malls, airports, subways, wind power generation, hospitals, stadiums, railways, tunnels, etc.

Protection level reaches IP2X.

Xgn15-12 type ring net switch cabinet shell is made of aluminum zinc coated plate, zinc plated plate or cold rolled plate by CNC machining molding, panel spray treatment. Switch cabinet consists of bus room, switch body, cable room, operating mechanism and control room, which are separated from each other. Pressure relief channel is set after the cabinet, the cabinet body is reasonable in structure, compact in application, small in size, convenient and flexible in operation, perfect and reliable five-prevention interlock, simple and convenient in installation, stable in operation and installation, and expandable.


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