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Notes for dry type transformer installation
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Dry type transformer is widely used in local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, terminals, CNC machinery and equipment and other places, simply said that dry type transformer refers to the iron core and windings are not impregnated in the insulation oil transformer. China has become one of the countries with the largest production and sales volume of dry-type transformer in the world, and has been leading the world in terms of factory scale, product capacity and voltage.

The dry type transformer can be equipped with perfect temperature detection and protection system. The intelligent signal temperature control system can automatically detect and display the respective working temperature of the three-phase winding, automatically start and stop the fan, and have functions such as alarm and tripping. The safe operation and service life of dry type transformer depend on the safe reliability of transformer winding insulation to a great extent

Now let's have a look at the dry type transformer installation.

Reason: bad installation will aggravate transformer vibration, amplifying transformer noise.

Judgment method:

1) the transformer base is not firm or flat (one Angle is suspended), or the base plate is too thin.

2) it will increase the noise if the transformer is set up with channel steel.


1) the original installation mode shall be modified by the installation unit.

2) add shockproof rubber pad under the power transformer trolley to solve part of the noise.

Impact of installation environment

Reason: the operating environment affects the noise of the transformer, and the adverse environment makes the noise of the transformer increase by 3dB ~ 7dB.

Judgment method:

1) the transformer room is large and empty, with no other equipment and echo.

2) the dry type transformer is too close to the wall, less than 1 meter. Transformer on the corner, the wall reflection noise and transformer noise stack, so that the noise increased.

3) the noise of the transformer will be affected after the oil transformer is changed into a dry transformer. The reason is that the oil chamber is relatively small, and there is an oil leakage chamber and an oil leakage hole, the transformer is like on a speaker.

Solution: indoor can be appropriate to add some sound-absorbing materials.

The installation of dry type transformer is very important, otherwise it will affect the normal operation in the later period, so we need professional technicians to install it.

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